Member Benefits

There are numerous benefits to join ISACA and the Milwaukee Chapter.  

Here is a link to ISACA's main membership benefits page:  Click Here

Membership in the association requires joining both the International association and a local chapter. The Milwaukee Chapter members receive FREE access to regular monthly events and discounted access to multi-day Milwaukee Chapter sponsored events. Annual dues consist of:

  • Annual International Dues
  • Annual Local Kettle Moraine Chapter Dues (Chapter dues are set by the local chapter boards.)
  • One-Time New Member Fee
  • Full-Time Students enjoy member benefits at reduced rates.

When you join during June, July, August, and September, International dues are one-half of the annual rate, which provides membership through the year in which you join. When you join in October through December, the full annual rate applies; however, you receive membership benefits through the end of the year following the year in which you join.

A significant membership benefit is participation in a local ISACA chapter. We are proud of our professional, global chapter network and the chapters' commitment to the profession.